WDS Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What is a “Cookie”?
A computer "cookie" is a small file that resides on your computer’s hard drive and is stored there when you visit a website. A cookie can also help identify the device you are using; for example, a PC or Mobile Phone
Cookies are used by most major websites to give you, the user, the best possible experience and use from a website

What are Cookies used for on the WDS website?
WDS uses cookies and the data stored in them to:

  • Protect your security
  • Tailor your visit to the site
  • Save your personal preferences when using the site
  • Keep track of products in your shopping cart
  • Give you access to Free 2D and 3D models
  • Improve our service to you

How long will the cookie(s) be on my computer?
The cookies used by WDS are known as "session cookies". These are normally deleted at the end of each visit that you make to our site

How do cookies affect me and the WDS website?
You can freely visit the WDS website without using a cookie; however, one is required to use the following services:

Functions available on the website either with or without cookiesBrowse and view products on the WDS website

  • View technical data, details drawings, and products photos
  • View prices online

With cookies you can:

  • Customize your visits with a personalized welcome
  • Add extra delivery and invoice addresses to your online account
  • Add products to your basket and
  • Place orders online, either by credit card or on your offline credit account (subject to status)
  • Review and repeat past orders when necessary
  • View 2D and 3D models
  • Download 2D and 3D models in any current format free of charge

Without cookies you may not:

  • Customize your visits with a personalized preferences
  • Place orders in your online basket
  • Place an online order
  • View 2D or 3D models
  • Download 2D or 3D models

Disabling cookies
If your browser settings allow, you may set your computer to reject our cookies, although this may affect the quality of your visit to our site. For example, it may take longer for your computer to display pages on our site, and none of the aforementioned functionalities will work. Therefore, we recommend you do not disable cookies.

The following methods are recommended by each respective developer / provider how to disable / enable cookies should you wish to:

How to manage cookies in Internet Explorer*

How to manage cookies in Firefox*

How to manage cookies in Chrome*

How to manage cookies in Safari*

*WDS holds no liability or responsibility for any information which is held or recommended on external websites and/or any loss which is incurred upon following said directions

What happens if I just delete Cookies?
You may delete all of your cookies using the developer’s instructions; however, you will be required to register/log-in every time you visit the site to enjoy the full benefit of its features

How do cookies affect 2D & 3D Models?
Your browser must be allowed to accept cookies in order to download or view 2D/3D Models on the WDS website. You must sign up for a free account in order to access 3D/2D Models on the website to gain access to both features