Vice Pallet MiteeBite (WDS 590)

Vice Pallet MiteeBite (WDS 590)
Vice Pallet MiteeBite (WDS 590)

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Vice Pallet MiteeBite (WDS 590) (Available) £76.40 - £100.11 Each

WDS 590

Type - Vice Pallet

Reduce set up times and increase production on those small production jobs. The pallets can be reused for those repeat jobs.
• Now you can run those fixture jobs without removing your vises.
• These Vice Pallets are designed to fit in all 150mm vises.
• The Blank Pallets are ideal for multiple small parts using the WDS Mitee-Bite Fixture Clamps or WDS Uniforce Clamps.
• The T-Slot Pallets can be used with our T-Slot Clamps or the versatile 10mm Riser Kit (Part Number 590-51088) for non-dedicated applications.
• The Vice Pallets are qualified in 2 places so they can rest on parallels or on the top of the jaws.

The WDS Mitee-Bite Vice Pallet has a locating pin that makes contact with left side of the solid jaw for repeat location of pallet. Simply slide pallet to the right of the vise and clamp in place. Pallets can be machined and tapped as required. The T-Slot Pallets add versatility when using the riser kit to hold the parts. Indicate the rail in the centre of the pallet and adjust the clamps along the t-slots for the specified work piece.

T-slot Vice Pallet (Part Number 590-24150 and Riser Kit (Part Number 590-51088) combined for clamping small quantity production jobs


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select A B C D T-Slot Size T-Slot Spacing Description Weight
590-24100 Select 152 203 24.4 11.2 Blank Blank Individual Pallet 1900 grams
590-24120 Select 152 254 24.4 11.2 Blank Blank Individual Pallet 2400 grams

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